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Air Disc Brake Pads

Abex® Air Disc Brake Pads have patented cast iron backplates and an integrally molded V-groove design that greatly improves heat dispersal and eliminates excessive material stress.


Safer and More Efficient Braking Performance

  • Friction materials engineered for specific applications
  • Safe and reliable
  • High performance in over-the-road and city stop-and-go applications
  • Long life and reduced rotor wear
  • Includes complete hardware kit
  • OE-style or patented cast iron back plate retention system
  • Suitable for city buses and highway coaches
  • Equipped with OE-style green coat stripes, which provide consistent performance.  This green coat is a proprietary, engineered material that is applied to the friction surface to aid the initial effectiveness of the brake friction material.   
  • Conforms to 2025 copper-free requirements of less than 0.05 percent by weight, with no copper added to this advanced OE-quality formulation.
  • Manufactured in the U.S. at our Glasgow facility, which has the highest level of quality certification available to friction manufacturers.

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Abex® Air Disc Brake Pads

Abex product manager, Dennis Griffin, introduces our made in America Abex air disc brake pads. Abex® has a proven history advancing brake technology with continuous and determined global R&D. It’s why Abex offers a comprehensive air disc and rotor program for North America. Now that’s just what you would expect from one of the largest global friction manufacturers: brake technology that’s miles ahead.